Hi, I'm Sheena,

Owner of Amoy Accessories, named after my beautiful daughter “Amoy”. This business is a guide and a stepping stone in helping her (Amoy) to know and understand the value of being a business owner rather than being just an employee but an employer.

This entrepreneurial journey started as a dream and thoughts placed on paper and doing journaling. Owning my own business was always an aim of mine to accomplish in life because honestly, it has never been fun or easy working for others in perspective. Due to the fact, that I have worked at McDonald’s, supermarket but mostly in the Hotel Industry; all of which brought their own challenges and disrespects; leaving you feeling helpless and as if you have no life outside of their jobs. Imagine being at work while sick or waking up the next day feeling worst only to have your manager telling you on the phone, You can't call out, we need you to come in”! This was an eye opener for me that motivated and pushed me to another level because at the end of the day if I should die on the job (God forbid) they would have just replaced me. Then I decided that I really need to start working towards my dream of becoming my own boss and should the day come where I have employees they will never be disrespected on the job rather they will know they are valued and appreciated.
However, I then made the next step away from the papers and thoughts by executing the plans and started my online store July 2020, during the pandemic. I am always excited to meet and serve all you divine dolls, and also to help you in finding that special piece of clothing, shoe or handbag and not to mention accessories that will aid in completing and complementing your elegant look and taste that you may feel confident, sexy and comfortable.
Here we take pride in every package, every order; to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy. We offer fast, efficient and effective customer service. Our products are physical therefore, no long or extra delays.

Customers can earn discounts by tagging us on Facebook and/or Instagram or by leaving a review on our website under the product they purchased.

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